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Michael Marder, co-director UTeach Program
WCH 5.102, G2500, 232-2770
Advising Office: WCH 5.102
URL: http://www.uteach.utexas.edu

The UTeach Program offers the professional development sequence courses intended for those students seeking middle school and secondary grades teacher certification in mathematics, composite science and computer science. Admission to the UTeach Program is required before students may begin this sequence of courses. A complete listing of admission criteria is available in the UTeach Advising Office or on the website.

PREFERRED SEQUENCE. Unless otherwise indicated, all courses must be taken for a letter grade and the student must obtain a grade of C or better to meet teacher certification requirements. Students must successfully complete UTS 101: Step 1 before registering for UTS 110: Step 2. When compressing the professional development sequence, Knowing and Learning (EDC 371: Topic 21 or UTS 350) may be taken concurrently with Classroom Interactions (EDC 371: Topic 20 or UTS 355). Students must submit and pass the UTeach Portfolio before they take Project-Based Instruction (EDC 371: Topic 22 or UTS 360). In the student's last semester, student teaching (EDC 667S) is taken concurrently with the student teaching seminar (UTS 170).

PREREQUISITES ENFORCEMENT. Students are required to attend an admissions interview with the UTeach academic advisor to be admitted to the program. Students not in the program will be dropped from classes before the 12th class day. Students should take the courses following the preferred sequence. Approval for modifications to this sequence should be discussed with the UTeach Academic Advisor prior to registration.

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