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Debra Umberson, Chair
Department Office: BUR 336, A1700, (512) 232-6300
URL: http://www.la.utexas.edu/socdept/
Undergraduate advising: BUR 230D, (512) 232-6344
Undergraduate advising e-mail: socadvis@uts.cc.utexas.edu
Graduate office: BUR 336C, (512) 232-6300
Graduate e-mail: gradsoc@mail.utexas.edu

Population Research Center: MAI 1800, (512) 471-5514


The Sociology Department strongly discourages students from adding courses in the department after the third class meeting. After the first class meeting, adding courses will require the instructor's written consent if courses cannot be added on TEX/ROSE.

All students must have completed 60 semester hours of coursework before attempting upper-division level (320-379) coursework. Priority to register for upper-division Sociology courses, especially writing component courses, is given to Sociology majors.

SOC 317L, SOC 317M, and SOC 379M are requirements for the major. Priority for registration in these courses will be given to Sociology majors and to others who have completed at least 3 hours of Sociology. SOC 317L (or another statistics course) is a prerequisite for SOC 317M.

SOC 384L, 385L, 387J, 394K (topic 2), and 394K (topic 3) are required of all first-year Sociology graduate majors. Non-majors may only register for these classes if space allows. SOC 180, 280, 380, 190K, 290K, 390K, 690K, and 990K require premission forms prior to registration, available from the department website. Unless stated, prior permission is NOT required for other graduate courses.

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