Fall 2002 Course Schedule, The University of Texas at Austin

Course Offerings


Frederick Steiner, Dean
GOL 2.308, B7500, 471-1922
David Heymann, Associate Dean
GOL 2.116, 471-8110
Robert Paterson, Associate Dean
SUT 2.304C, 471-0734
Kevin Alter, Associate Dean
GOL 2.304B, 471-6545
Undergraduate Student Matters: 471-0109
Graduate Student Matters: 471-0134
URL: http://www.ar.utexas.edu/

A final instructor assignment list will be posted outside GOL 2.116 and will supersede instructors listed in this Course Schedule.

Architectural Interior Design - ARI - undergraduate courses
Architectural Interior Design - ARI - graduate courses

Architecture - ARC - undergraduate courses
Architecture - ARC - graduate courses

Community and Regional Planning - CRP - undergraduate courses
Community and Regional Planning - CRP - graduate courses

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