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Paul Woodruff, Director
WCH 4.104, G3600, 471-1442
URL: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/plan2/

Additional Plan II courses are found in the listings of the departments indicated below; these courses can be identified by the statement, "Restricted to students registered under Plan II for the BA degree" or "Designed for Plan I Honors and Plan II students."
E 603B Comp and Reading in World Lit
HIS 309L West Civ in Medvl Times-Pl II
PHL 610QB Probs of Knowledge and Valuatn
M 310 Conference Course-Plan II
BIO 301E Problems in Modern Biology

Social Science - S S - undergraduate courses
Social Science - S S - graduate courses

Tutorial Course - T C - undergraduate courses
Tutorial Course - T C - graduate courses

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