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Abraham Marcus, Director
WMB 6.102, F9400, 471-3881
E-mail: cmes@menic.utexas.edu
URL: http://menic.utexas.edu/menic/cmes/

HONORS PROGRAM. A Bachelor of Arts degree with honors in Middle Eastern studies is available to students who meet certain qualifications. Consult the undergraduate adviser in Middle Eastern studies and chapter 8 of The Undergraduate Catalog.

The following Middle Eastern studies content-related courses are offered by the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures:
ARA 506 First-Year Arabic I
ARA 412K Second-Year Arabic I
ARA 320K Arabic Readings and Grammar I
ARA 330K Advanced Readings in Arabic I
ARA 369 Conf Crs in Arabic Lang & Lit
ARA 380C 1-Ara Readings and Grammar I
ARA 380C 3-Adv Readings in Arabic I
ARA 389 Conf Course in Arabic Studies
HEB 506 First-Year Hebrew I
HEB 508 First-Year Biblical Hebrew I
HEB 312K Second-Year Hebrew I
HEB 313K Second-Year Biblical Hebrew I
HEB 325 Advanced Convertible and Composition
HEB 346 Hebrew via Popular Culture
HEB 369 Conf Crs in Hebrew Lang & Lit
HEB 389 Conf Course in Hebrew Studies
ISL 369 Conf Course in Islamic Studies
MEL 369 Conf Crs in Mid East Langs/Cul
MEL 389 Conf Crs in Mid East Langs/Cul
PRS 506 First-Year Persian I
PRS 312K Second-Year Persian I
PRS 329 Intermediate Tajiki: Texts
PRS 361 Image West/Westnr Prs Fict-W
PRS 369 Conf Crs in Persian Lang & Lit
TUR 506 First-Year Turkish I
TUR 412K Second-Year Turkish I
TUR 369 Conf Crs in Turkish Lang & Lit
TUR 389 Conf Course in Turkish Studies

Other courses may be approved for Middle Eastern studies content course credit; a course may be counted as a content course if the student arranges a Middle Eastern studies research topic with the instructor and has it approved in advance by the Middle Eastern studies student adviser.

Middle Eastern Studies - MES - undergraduate courses
Middle Eastern Studies - MES - graduate courses

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