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Harold Liebowitz, Chairman
WMB 5.120, F1500, 471-1365
URL: http://www.utexas.edu/cola/depts/melc/html/index.html

Courses in this department are designated as MEL when they deal with two or more languages or literatures, with cultural or other general topics, or with subjects not listed under individual languages.

Arabic - ARA - undergraduate courses
Arabic - ARA - graduate courses

Hebrew - HEB - undergraduate courses
Hebrew - HEB - graduate courses

Islamic Studies - ISL - undergraduate courses
Islamic Studies - ISL - graduate courses

Jewish Studies - J S - undergraduate courses
Jewish Studies - J S - graduate courses

Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures - MEL - undergraduate courses
Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures - MEL - graduate courses

Persian - PRS - undergraduate courses
Persian - PRS - graduate courses

Turkish - TUR - undergraduate courses
Turkish - TUR - graduate courses

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