Fall 2002 Course Schedule, The University of Texas at Austin

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John L. Ivy, Chair
BEL 222, D3700, 471-1273


PED 101C-108S courses are physical activity courses provided on an elective basis to the general college student. Hours earned by taking physical activity courses may be counted in the lower-division hours required for a degree as approved in the degree programs of the various colleges and schools.

Those classes not designated for men or for women are coeducational and may be selected by both men and women.

The meeting times listed in this Course Schedule include any time necessary prior to and following the activity period of one hour.

The classification "beginning" or "basic" indicates that the instruction will be based on the assumption that the students enrolled have very little or no prior formal instruction or equivalent experience in the activity. To qualify for an intermediate- or advanced-level course, a student must have completed a semester or the equivalent of beginning- or intermediate-level instruction, respectively.

Students with health problems or other limitations on physical activity should consult with the medical staff of the Student Health Center for health grade classification and advice regarding participation in physical activity courses.

Health Education - HED - undergraduate courses
Health Education - HED - graduate courses

Kinesiology - KIN - undergraduate courses
Kinesiology - KIN - graduate courses

Physical Education - PED - undergraduate courses
Physical Education - PED - graduate courses

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