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Stephen G. Bronars, Chairman
BRB 1.116, C3100, 471-3211
Undergraduate Advising Office: BRB 1.114A, 471-2973
Graduate Coordinator: BRB 1.114G, 475-8510
URL: http://www.eco.utexas.edu/


Prior to enrollment in any Economics course, students should be certain that they meet the stated prerequisite. Students who do not meet listed prerequisites for a course will be dropped from that course. All majors must complete ECO 304K and 304L with a minimum grade of C prior to their enrollment in any upper-division Economics course.


ECO 420K, 320L, 329, AND LISTED WRITING COMPONENT COURSES. Registration priority is given to declared economics majors for these courses. Others may seek assistance in registration for ECO 420K, 320L, 329, and listed writing component courses through the Undergraduate Advising Office. Enrollment in these courses will be handled on a space-available basis.

No Economics courses may be added after the third class meeting.

Economics - ECO - undergraduate courses
Economics - ECO - graduate courses

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