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Christine Huston, Coordinator,
Texas Academic Skills Program Office
FAC 33, F4000, 471-8277
E-mail: chuston@mail.utexas.edu
URL: http://www.utexas.edu/academic/tasp/

Developmental Studies (DEV) courses are designed for students who have a below-passing score on one or more of the Texas Academic Skills Program (TASP) subtests. These students are required to participate continuously in a skill development program, and must register for one or more DEV courses to comply with this requirement. Student performance in DEV courses is graded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory but is not included in grade point average calculations. A student who registers for any DEV course also must register for at least three semester hours of graded college-level courses at the University. Registration for DEV courses must be approved by the TASP Office.

DEV 000M, 000R, 000W are noncredit, individually structured courses with no fees. To register for these courses a student must confer with TASP counselors and Learning Skills Center staff to devise an individualized study contract specifying the form and content of each course. Students may be required to meet a prerequisite determined by the TASP office.

All other DEV courses are credit courses which are included in determining the student's course load to satisfy Veterans Administration, NCAA, housing, and financial aid regulations. These courses require payment of the normal tuition and fees for undergraduate courses at the University, but may not be counted toward any degree.

Developmental Studies - DEV - undergraduate courses
Developmental Studies - DEV - graduate courses

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