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James A. Holcombe, Chair
WEL 2.310, A5300, 471-3949
Lower-division course office: WEL 2.214, 471-1567
Undergraduate Advising Center: WEL 2.216, 471-3097
Graduate Advising Center: WEL 2.218, 471-3890
E-mail: chemistry@www.cm.utexas.edu

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers introductory courses designed to meet the educational requirements of distinct groups of students. The goals and prerequisites of each of the introductory tracks are summarized below.

During the fall and spring semesters, a computer check will be run during the first week of classes to verify that all students enrolled in CH 301, 302, 204, 610A, 610B, 210C, 618A, 618B, 118K, 118L, 339K, 339L, or 370 meet the course prerequisite. Students who do not meet the prerequisite or who do not furnish proof of meeting the prerequisite will be dropped from the course on the twelfth class day. In the summer session, the prerequisite checks will be on the first class day of each term and the drops will occur on the fourth class day.

CH 301/302 is intended for students in technical areas and is the only sequence that provides the prerequisites for advanced chemistry courses. The prerequisite for CH 301 is credit or registration for M 305G or a score of at least 560 (or of at least 540 if the test was taken before April 1, 1995) on the Mathematics Level I Test. Testing schedules for the Mathematics Level I Test may be obtained from the Measurement and Evaluation Center, 2616 Wichita (471-3032). The prerequisites for CH 302 are CH 301 with a grade of at least C, and M 305G with a grade of at least C or a score of at least 560 on the Mathematics Level I Test (or at least 540 if the student took the test before April 1, 1995).

CH 204 and 317 are laboratory courses at the first-year level. CH 204 is the introductory laboratory course to be taken by students in most technical areas, and provides the laboratory prerequisite for advanced chemistry courses. CH 204 requires four laboratory hours, one hour of discussion, and one hour of computer laboratory a week for one semester. CH 317 is required for Bachelor of Science in Chemistry majors and recommended for Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry majors. CH 317 requires one lecture hour and six laboratory hours a week for one semester. CH 204 and 317 may not both be counted.

CH 304K followed by CH 305 is a two-semester sequence designed for nonscience majors. CH 304K IS NOT INTENDED as a preparatory course for CH 301. For students who do not need CH 301 or 302, the 304K/305 sequence (or 301/305) may be used to satisfy the six-hour science requirement for some degree plans; check with the dean's office of the college or school in which you are registered to determine whether these courses meet the requirements for your degree plan. CH 304K has no prerequisite. The prerequisite for CH 305 is 304K; CH 301 is acceptable as a prerequisite for CH 305.

CH 313N/314N is designed for nursing and certain human ecology students.

The University of Texas at Austin tests for credit are offered in CH 301, 302, 204/317, and 305. The test in CH 301 is required of BS in Chemistry, BS in Chemical Engineering, and BS in Physics majors who have studied chemistry in high school and who do not have credit for CH 301 or its equivalent. Engineering majors in areas other than chemical engineering are encouraged to take this test. The test in CH 302 is recommended but not required for chemistry majors, particularly those who have had two years of high school chemistry. The test in CH 204/317 is limited to those students with advanced placement credit in both CH 301 and 302. Contact the Measurement and Evaluation Center, 2616 Wichita (471-3032), for further information.

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, hour quizzes and midterm examinations may be held at times to be announced in the following courses: CH 301, 302, 204, 304K, 305, 610A, 610B, 210C, 313N, 113P, 314N, 114P, 317, 618A, 618B, 431, 339K, 339L, 353, 153K, 354, 154K, 354L, 455, 456, 369, 369L, 370, 380L, 381M, 382K, 382L, 386J, 387K, 390K, 390L, 391, 392C, 392E, and 392J.

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