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Kenneth J. Hale, Chair
Undergraduate Student Office: ART 3.342, D1300, 475-7718
Graduate Student Office: ART 3.344, D1300, 471-3377
Art History Student Office: DFA 2.124B, D1300, 471-7757

Students registering for studio art, art history, art education, design, or visual art studies courses must meet prerequisites specified in chapter 7 of The Undergraduate Catalog. Students who are interested in Department of Art and Art History courses related to art education will find them listed as art education (AED) or as visual art studies (VAS).

For nonart majors interested in upper-division art history courses, at least one of the introductory courses (ARH 301, 302, or 303) is advisable as a prerequisite, but is not required.

The following courses may be taken twice for credit, but not with the same instructor in the same semester:
ART 321K Intermediate Painting
ART 322K Intermediate Drawing
ART 323K Intermediate Sculpture
ART 323P Issues in Sculpture
ART 323S Installation Sculpture
ART 324M Intermediate Metals
ART 325G Intermediate Printmaking: Serigraphy
ART 325K Intermediate Printmaking: Intaglio
ART 325M Intermediate Printmaking: Lithography
ART 327D Sculptural Ceramics
ART 327E Functional Ceramic Forms
ART 335K Intermediate Photography
ART 336K Color Photography
ART 339K Watercolor Painting
ART 346K Intermediate Life Drawing

The following courses may be repeated for credit, but (1) may not be taken for credit more than twice in the same semester, and (2) may not be taken for credit more than once with the same instructor in the same semester:
ART 356K Advanced Color Photography
ART 361K Advanced Painting
ART 363K Advanced Sculpture
ART 363S Advanced Installation Sculpture
ART 364M Advanced Metals
ART 365G Advanced Printmaking: Serigraphy
ART 365K Advanced Printmaking: Intaglio
ART 365M Advanced Printmaking: Lithography
ART 366K Advanced Life Drawing
ART 368N Advanced Drawing
ART 372K Advanced Photography
ART 377D Advanced Sculptural Ceramics
ART 377E Advanced Functional Ceramic Forms
ART 379K Advanced Watercolor Painting

Art Education - AED - undergraduate courses
Art Education - AED - graduate courses

Art History - ARH - undergraduate courses
Art History - ARH - graduate courses

Design - DES - undergraduate courses
Design - DES - graduate courses

Studio Art - ART - undergraduate courses
Studio Art - ART - graduate courses

Visual Art Studies - VAS - undergraduate courses
Visual Art Studies - VAS - graduate courses

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