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Jeffrey I. Richards, Chairman
General Office/Undergraduate Office: CMA A7.142, A1200, 471-1101
Graduate Office: CMA A7.242
Gary B. Wilcox, Graduate Adviser
URL: http://advertising.utexas.edu/


It is the student's responsibility to be aware of advertising course prerequisites and degree requirements published in the catalog prior to registering for any advertising course. Changes to prerequisites and requirements published in the catalog are listed on information sheets available to students in the departmental office prior to registration. Students who fail to meet course prerequisites or to secure required consent prior to registering for advertising courses may be dropped from those courses. Contact the Department of Advertising general office for further information.

ATTENDANCE. Any student enrolled in an advertising course who does not attend the first class meeting may be dropped from that course. Contact the departmental office prior to the first class meeting to report absences on that day due to emergencies only.

GRADE POINT AVERAGE. Prior to registering for any upper-division advertising course, students must have an overall grade point average of 2.25 and a 2.0 grade point average in all College of Communication courses.

CONSENT OF SUPERVISING PROFESSOR. Prior to registering for ADV 389, 698A, 698B, 398R, 399R, 699R, 999R, 399W, 699W, or 999W, graduate students must turn in a consent form to the graduate adviser with the written consent of the supervising professor. Contact the departmental office for consent application deadlines.

CONSENT OF INSTRUCTOR. Prior to registering for certain advertising courses, students must complete an online consent form. The consent process occurs before the first registration period - contact the department for deadlines. Students who miss the consent process or who do not receive consent should attend the first class meeting and ask the instructor for permission to add at that time.

INDEPENDENT STUDY COURSES. Prior to registering for ADV 379H, 379J, 479J, or 483, students must contact the faculty member of their choice in the Department of Advertising to discuss registration in these independent study courses. Students and faculty members will work together to plan the individual course material. After an agreement is reached, students must follow the procedure stated above regarding consent of instructor.

ADVERTISING INTERNSHIP. Prior to registering for ADV 350, students must arrange their own internship. Application forms and detailed information are available at the internship information website. Students must also turn in a letter to the internship coordinator confirming employment on company letterhead prior to the twelfth class day (fourth class day in the summer session) and attend the two mandatory meetings for interns during the semester (meeting dates and times are posted in the departmental office). Failure to meet these requirements will result in a failing grade for the course. Note: No meetings are held during the summer session.

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