UT Course Schedule, Fall 1999 Add/Drop Procedure Details

You must be registered before you can add/drop.

Step One
Complete the Telephone Registration Worksheet provided in this Course Schedule to ensure that you have all the necessary information, and secure the required approvals for adjusting your schedule of classes.

Step Two
Determine when you are eligible to add/drop by consulting the appropriate access schedule.

Step Three
Call TEX, (512) 475-9800, using a touch-tone telephone or go to http://www.utexas.edu/student/registrar/registration/ and follow the instructions given.

Step Four
You will not be mailed a bill for added classes. After you have completed your add/drop transactions, call TEX at (512) 475-9950, option 24, or go to http://www.utexas.edu/business/accounting/sar for an add bill quote. If the changes you made in your schedule result in the assessment of additional tuition and/or fees, you must make payment via TEX at (512) 475-9950, option 24, or by check or money order. Checks or money orders may be deposited in the drop slot near the entrance to MAI 8. Payment must be made by September 10. Where applicable, your installment balance will be adjusted; adjusted installment payments are due by the specified deadlines. Failure to make payment by the appropriate deadline may result in the cancellation of your registration.

Refunds will be mailed the week after the twelfth class day.

Add/Drop Access Periods

Add/Drop Access Period 6
For continuing and readmitted students
June 9 - July 16
(weekdays only)

Add/Drop Access Period 7
For students who registered and paid on or before August 11
August 22, 24

Add/Drop Access Period 8
For registered and paid students
August 25 - 30
(weekdays only)

Add/Drop Access Period 9
For registered and paid undergraduate students
August 31 - September 3 and September 7 - 10

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