Access periods

When can I register?

Your registration information sheet lists the access times during which you’re eligible to register. For more on access times, check the Course Schedule.

Continuing and readmitted students.

Use your earliest access time to obtain the best selection of classes and ensure access to the registration system. If you wait until the access times immediately before the beginning of the semester, you may not be able to complete registration before classes begin and may have to pay a late registration fee. You must clear all bars—aadvising, financial, and nonfinancial—to be able to access the registration system.

New students.

FFreshman entering the University are required to attend an orientation session, during which they will be advised and will register for classes. Transfer students are encouraged to attend an orientation session. Information about orientation for new students, including graduate students, is available online and from the Office of the Dean of Students. New international students will attend an orientation program administered by the International Office.