Final exams

We publish the finals schedule about four weeks before a semester ends. At that time, we offer a listing of finals by unique number, and with an eid, the personal finals schedule for any student.

Final examination policies

Final examination policies are published on our website at

Index of exam times

Instructors provide in their syllabus, on the first class day, whether or not a class is having a final exam. However, we don't receive this information until a few weeks into the semester. Until we are able to complete the exam schedule for all students (usually about one month before the end of a long-session semester or about two weeks before the end of a summer term), the following indices of exam times will inform you about when an exam would be given if there is going to be one.

Students should also be aware that some departments (like lower-division sciences or foreign languages) may give all their exams together at one time; these "uniform" exams will also differ from the times given in the index. Students may consult with staff in their department chair's office about when these exams are expected to be administered.

Faculty and students should not plan to travel until after the last university final exam day.

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2017 spring, 2016 fall
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2016 summer, spring, 2015 fall
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